Project Lifesaver Pierce-St. Croix Enrollment Proceedures

The program will be coordinated by the Pierce & St. Croix Sheriff’s Departments, with input from a panel of community representatives designated by the departments. The following describes enrollment procedures:
  • Caregivers can complete a Program Application, including verification from the individual’s physician that s/he is considered at-risk for wandering.
    Click here to download the application.
  • Trained personnel will meet with individuals and their caregivers. If it is determined that Project Lifesaver is the appropriate program for the individual, a Client Profile will be completed, and caregivers must agree to follow program guidelines.
  • There is an initial fee of $300 for the equipment and a small monthly fee of $10 for maintaining it. Funding options will be explored with clients/caregivers who may be in need of assistance. Once enrolled, the client is provided with a personalized wristband that emits a unique tracking signal every second.
  • Monthly follow-up by trained personnel will ensure information is current and equipment is working. This will assist police in the search effort should the client become lost.
  • All information will be confidential and used only for emergency situations. Access will be restricted to trained personnel designated by the Sheriff’s Departments of Pierce and St. Croix Counties.

Applications for enrollment will be available beginning in December 2008. The Departments will begin accepting applications in January 2009. The departments have set a goal of February 2009 for implementing the program and enrolling clients.

For information regarding enrolling a loved one, volunteering, or making a contribution, please contact the following individual in your county Sheriff’s Department:

Sheriff Nancy Hove
Pierce County Sheriff’s Department
(715) 273-5051

Investigator Shawn Demulling
St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department
(715) 377-5808

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